What is 
Cadence Leadership?

Cadence helps professionals learn to lead and communicate in a way that’s authentic, consistent and inspirational.

We’re not your typical learning organization—in more ways than one! We have more tattoos and bigger record collections than you’d expect, but we also approach our work from a unique angle. We differentiate ourselves as experts with specific training and experience creating change within organizations. Our coaching and courses are grounded in sound learning practices that help people move beyond limiting habits. We care deeply about our work and believe our clients deserve nothing less than real change.

Aram Arslanian, Cadence’s founder, comes from a unique background as an executive, a trained therapist and a musician. Prior to taking on executive roles in the private sector, Aram served for 10 years as a clinical counsellor, where he worked with diverse at-risk populations and partnered with community leaders across the country. As a musician, he’s toured and recorded internationally with several well-known bands. Finally, after transitioning into coaching and training, Aram focused on creating an approach that unites the different elements of his background, enabling him to forge deep relationships with clients that lead to meaningful results.