I Choose Risk:
Not Letting Fear Diminish Your Potential

I was the first one in the office that day. It was quiet. Usually these kinds of mornings were the most productive, but this particular morning I found myself locked in the restroom, unable to breathe, slammed by a tidal wave of dread. My throat was tight, my heart was racing, and my nerves were…

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Talk is Cheap

The challenge of positive feedback In my work, I’m often asked to help clients prepare to give challenging feedback. I’m always inspired by the effort they put into making sure their audience has the opportunity to grow. It’s clear they want them to get value out of the conversation, even if it’s going to be…

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Preference & Need

Being authentic in any situation The silence, which had laid siege to the room, was broken by the gasp that slipped out of my mouth. Our boss was sitting at the head of the table with his eyes wide in disbelief. At the other end, one of our team—the one who had just spoken—sat staring…

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