Christopher Horsethief

Christopher Horsethief

Coaching Consultant

Christopher Horsethief is a coaching consultant for Cadence. Christopher is an educator and organizational theorist specializing in complex systems and social processes, collective intelligence problem-solving systems, and post-traumatic community resilience. For 25 years Christopher has been facilitating field analysis of the relationship between culture and communication, documenting the dynamics that pose challenges to Indigenous leaders and organizational resilience that drives language revitalization. His research interests include social network architectures, cultural entropy, and their role in post-crisis cultural network fragmentation and alignment processes. Christopher’s instructional experience includes a term as the Indigenous Scholar in Residence at College of the Rockies and Gonzaga University’s MBA-American Indian Entrepreneurship Program.

Background & experience

Christopher is a leadership theorist, data scientist and research professor with over 20 years of experience. His expertise lies in field analysis of organizational phenomenon in problem-solving collectives, including establishing norms, diagnosing cultural entropy and developing resilience strategies.

His early work began with interests in Indigenous language learning, cultural trauma and resilience in Indian Reservation and Reserve communities. After developing strategies to visualize the flow of problem-solving information, he began applying these ideas to Western organizational settings including business and administration, economic institutions and networks.

In the last decade Christopher developed hypotheses relevant to leadership fields, ranging from servant leadership motivations and transformational outcomes to the relationship between connective and toxic regimes and collectively intelligent problem solving. This research agenda led him to top-tier research venues such as the International Leadership Association, MIT’s CI2012 conference and several short documentaries exploring conflict and reconciliation in an increasingly connected world. Along the way he facilitates ongoing conversations between researchers, academics and authors across disciplines.

Coaching approach

Christopher encourages clients and their organizations to seek out organizational overlaps or gray areas that lead to competing sets of values. Often the energy wasted on these competitive fronts reduces efficiency and can turn organizational pieces against each other. Christopher’s goal is to identify multiple sets of values in his clients’ field of view, to identify the most effective values for moving forward and to develop and extend their core competencies so they are empowered to confidently advance  change initiatives. Too often the resources we need are at our fingertips, and exploring our landscape from new perspectives can bring them into focus.