David Larson

David Larson

Creative Consultant – Podcast Sound Engineer

David Larson is a podcaster, author, and screenwriter. He joins Cadence as a creative consultant and podcast sound engineer, helping to create the Cadence Leadership podcast. He brings years of experience in the music and film industries to the table with both recording and episode development.

Background and Experience

As a career creative, David brings a rich and diverse perspective to his role at Cadence. His career began in the 1980’s as an adolescent with a deep passion for skateboarding and an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 16 he opened a successful skateboard shop in his hometown. His drive to create continued through his work as a screenwriter and author. His films have played in prestigious film festivals around the world, premiered at Tribeca in NY, and have won various awards, with one nominated for a BAFTA. Dave has created content for Amazon, WEconnect Health, and the Committee for Children, among others. He began podcasting in 2015, involved in all areas of show creation from R&D, recording, editing, and hosting to promotion and scheduling.


Dave brings a creative spark to each of his projects and endeavours with Cadence. With a sharp focus and keen attention to quality, Dave approaches his work with curiosity and confidence, immersing himself fully to ensure brand values are present in all media content creation.