Jeri Tordoff

Jeri Tordoff

Director of Operations

Jeri Tordoff is the Director of Operations for Cadence. She possesses a keen attention to detail and prides herself on her excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. With over 15 years of administrative and managerial experience, Jeri’s expertise in client liaisons, scheduling, correspondence and project coordination is instrumental in building and maintaining lasting relationships with clients.

Background & experience

Jeri’s strong background in office management and production coordination has sharply honed her skills in the administrative field. Prior to joining Cadence, she held a position as general manager for a wholesale printing business, overseeing all sales, production and day-to-day administrative tasks. She earned her bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from the University of British Columbia; her language skills enable her to effectively communicate with clients in both English and French.


Jeri employs an organized and direct approach to her daily tasks to ensure that things run smoothly and matters are dealt with in a timely and accurate manner. Her detailed attention to the day-to-day schedules of staff, as well as the management of their future engagements, allows Cadence’s associates to make the most of their time with the clients we serve.