Liane Ma is an Associate at Cadence. As a social worker, she brings her expertise in client-centered practice, trauma, facilitation among communities, and motivational interviewing to the team. Liane’s personal purpose is to empower clients, especially those from marginalized communities, to master all the facets of empathy for themselves, for others, and for their organization.

Background & Experience

Based in New York, NY, Liane completed her Social Work degree at New York University and completed her Masters in Social Enterprise Administration through Columbia University’s School of Social Work. There, she studied the complexities of human behavior, clinical interventions, institutional racism, and program management, specializing in Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Marketing. Before moving to the United States to pursue her education, Liane lived in Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, Hong Kong, and Singapore, attending international schools throughout her stay in Asia. She has a firm grasp of cultural humility, relationship management, and emotional intelligence through the many different environments she had to adapt to from a young age.

Living in New York, Liane has had a lot of exposure working in different industries, such as hospitality, non-profit, entertainment, and government settings. Her roles have ranged from conducting private therapy sessions with people living with PTSD to implementing strategies for a global workforce development program. Her ability to be empathetic, emotionally savvy, and flexible with a wide range of stakeholders allows her to connect efficiently with clients.

Coaching Approach

Liane’s daily responsibilities include writing 360 reports, conducting coaching calls, and creating coaching curriculums. Liane approaches her clients through a biopsychosocial approach. She investigates her clients’ purpose, motivation, and communication style through their interaction with societal systems and the establishment of intimate relationships. By methodologically setting goals, prioritizing active listening, and utilizing motivational interviewing, Liane guides clients to thrive in their workplaces as empathetic, vulnerable, and self-reflective leaders.