Nausheen Saumtally

Nausheen Saumtally


Nausheen Saumtally is a certified coach and trainer, as well as a certified DISC behavioural analysis consultant. Over the course of her career, she has engaged company leaders on business development in several countries in both English and French. As a result, she knows the right approach to drive businesses and people forward.

Background & experience

Nausheen started her career as Channel Development Manager at Microsoft, focusing on small and medium markets and developing strategies to reach a broader channel and meet the market needs. She quickly transitioned to Business Development Manager and managed top partners and resellers to build their business in alignment to the changing IT industry. She helped foster innovative thinking with her clients to transform their business and move them forward in an ever-changing market. As part of business development, Nausheen coached leaders and trained their teams to adopt an advisor mindset.

Coaching approach

The backbone of Nausheen’s coaching approach is positivity, coupled with critical and reflective thinking. She believes this approach empowers individuals to understand and change perceived barriers in pursuit of real and lasting change. Keeping a positive mindset enables individuals to see their potential rather than their current circumstances.

She seeks to engage her coaching clients in next-level thinking that will guide them to the answers they need. This is accomplished by asking thought provoking questions in ways that will prompt clarity and ideas through coaching. Once this is attained, clients are equipped to set specific action plans aligned to their true goals. In summary, Nausheen’s purpose is to be a catalyst for change, action and positivity.