Media Producer

Spencer Pries

Spencer Pries is a Media Producer for Cadence. He is a creative marketing specialist who sees all aspects of creating and distributing meaningful content. Spencer has a decade of experience through several different and diverse industries such as Advertising, Real Estate and Entertainment. He continues to stay on top of executing creative projects in our ever-changing social media world.

Background & Experience

As someone who’s always been creating and making videos since his early years, Spencer has laid deep roots with a passion for storytelling and making something valuable and impactful. Spencer prides himself in getting his hands dirty, getting in the trenches, and doing the hard work, whether working on corporate marketing teams or running social media for small businesses. Spencer lives in the Adobe Creative Cloud and monitors current social media trends and how best to utilize new tools within these apps. In addition to his career endeavours, Spencer is highly active in the music scene in Western Canada and beyond. Seeing a need to bring focus and exposure to the diverse music community, Spencer has filmed hundreds of shows, hosts a weekly music podcast, and continually building connections and relationships within the music industry.

Coaching Approach

Spencer is hyper-focused on communicating an idea through social media and making sure there is little to no friction in getting that message across. He believes that capturing the attention of someone and producing something that resonates with them is the ultimate win for anything he creates.