Tim McLeod

Tim McLeod

Creative Consultant - Videographer

Tim J McLeod joins Cadence as a creative consultant and in-house videographer. He’s been working in video and post-production for the past 10 years. In that time, he’s developed technical skill in production, editing, graphic animation and visionary storytelling. He prides himself on precise execution for each project and is able to pivot and problem solve quickly and creatively to achieve innovative, thoughtful and eye catching content.


Tim started on his career path as a teen crafting skateboard videos and started editing in 2010 when he began producing indie music videos. Tim is a passionate storyteller with an unwavering drive to expand his skills and creativity. In 2018 he started a self-titled YouTube channel with a focus on adventure filmmaking and hasn’t looked back. Through his work on a wide variety of video projects including music videos, a documentary TV series for Red Bull Media, creative art video for Flexfit, and online learning video courses, he has developed a style that supports many different client needs.


Tim brings a methodical and collaborative approach to his work. He is continually pushing his creative limits to open up the realm of what is possible for video content at Cadence. The method that Tim stands behind and brings to the table at Cadence is to produce videos that support creative projects, share great ideas, and tell captivating stories.