Willow Sprague

Willow Sprague is an Associate at Cadence. She brings a high relational IQ, a savvy of personnel dynamics, and strong communication skills to the team. She has experience in client relations, professional report writing, and public speaking. Willow loves people, and this drives her in our people-focused business.

Background & Experience

Based in Nashville, TN, Willow completed her International Business and Spanish degree at Belmont University. She has had contact with diverse industries and cultures. Willow studied abroad in Colombia, Spain, Chile, and Argentina where she learned about economic systems, business models, and emerging industries. She has also traveled extensively outside of her educational career. After graduating, Willow co-founded a mobile bartending business. Owning and running her own business has given her a real-world understanding of the dynamics of branding and building a business. Managerial skills, client relations, and financial acumen are other staples built from her entrepreneurial experience. Willow’s role at Cadence continues to diversify her understanding of various industries and corporate functions.

Coaching Approach

Willow operates from a relational and empathetic mindset in her daily functions with clients when coaching, gathering information, and writing 360 reports at Cadence. Positivity and authenticity are her hallmarks. By listening, connecting, and asking the right questions she promotes honesty and vulnerability within her interactions. Willow enjoys using her abilities to maximize clients’ growth and help make their relationships and businesses thrive.