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Our one-to-one coaching is available in six-month or full-year engagements. We practice an abundance model in our work, which is priced at a flat rate. This means that participants can work as often, and as long, as needed with the coach during their program. Coaching is tailored to the individual and can be focused on leadership, communication or, as is often the case, a combination of the two. We offer 360 assessment options with coaching and without. We’re also happy to utilize any previous assessments the participant has engaged with.

Our coaching is focused on the belief that it takes more than subject matter expertise and good intentions to lead. We must understand ourselves, our audience and the business environment and use this to inform our approach to leading and communicating. The best results for leaders, teams and organizations are achieved through a combination of mindset and skill set.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Cadence since the start of the firm. Their coaching and mentoring—specifically on leadership presence and the power, importance and nuances of effective communication—has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Their techniques and training extended to our leadership team as well. As we continue to grow, to now over 3,000 employees throughout the US, my organization has been fortunate to have Aram and his team as a big part of our success on this journey.

Chief Executive Officer, Building Services sector

Mindset is the way that we perceive the world around us and our ability to make an impact through our actions. If we remain curious about the “why?” behind the systems and behaviors we encounter then we’re operating with an Opportunity Focused Mindset. In short, a mindset geared towards seeking understanding in order to create the best outcomes through adapting, questioning and inspiring.

Skill Set represents the skills we have that allow us to act on the curiosity, intuition and conclusions generated by our mindset. These are the pragmatic skills necessary to lead others and communicate in a manner that inspires belief. Our skillset enables us to interact with the world in a way that generates possibilities and action.

In short, Mindset allows us to understand each situation and how best to lead through it. Skill Set allows us to apply this understanding through action.

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